Integrity Church exists to mature and multiply believers to leave a gospel legacy.

Current Series: Sermon on the Mount

What does it mean to follow the teachings of Jesus? What did Jesus actually say? Believe it or not, Jesus taught a radical (and in many ways) controversial message in his day.

If you are a seasoned believer, a new believer, or simply curious about the teachings of Jesus, you will be both inspired and challenged by this series. Our hope is that this series will invite each of us into a deeper understanding of the heart of Christ and what it means to be about His kingdom, not our own.

Small Groups launch September 11

Live Rooted:
Integrity Women's Conference

October 28-29 at Integrity Church

Live Rooted is a conference designed to help us dig up the things keeping us from growing and abiding in Jesus and replant the truth of who God is and who he says we are. Together we will grow towards a spiritual maturity that will cultivate flourishing communities - communities that are "filled to the measure of all the fullness of God. Click below to register and learn more!