About This Series

Ephesians has played a crucial role in the Church throughout the ages in terms of both doctrine and practical living. Famous pastor and theologian John Calvin stated that it was his favorite part of the Bible. Poet Samuel Taylor Coleridge described it as “the divinest composition of man.” Many New Testament scholars say it is the pinnacle of Paul’s work. Outside of the book of Romans, Ephesians is perhaps the most theologically dense book of the New Testament.

The predominant theme in Ephesians is identity in Christ. In this letter, Paul mentions union with Christ and being “in Christ” more than any other letter (about 36 times). The reason is because our ability to endure and grow is all rooted in how we see who we are based on what Christ has done for us. Without our identity in Christ, we cannot be grounded and we will be led astray just like the church of Ephesus.

As a church, it is our hope that we remain rooted in who Christ is and what He says about us. May we take time to study this book together, as we seek to grow in our understanding of Jesus. And may we find common ground in the redemptive hope of the gospel.

Helpful Resources

As we go through Ephesians, this video will help us boost our understanding of the book.