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Jul 08, 2018 | Ben Tugwell

How to Grow in Wisdom

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Often our view of wisdom can be pretty narrow. Many times we look at wisdom as something obtained primarily through: education, age, or life experiences. However, these are not necessarily ways that Scripture describes wisdom. Biblically speaking, true wisdom comes from the mind of God. In other words, true wisdom is found in knowing who God is.

Proverbs is a poetic book that displays the wisdom of God. It was written to the Hebrews to meditate on and wrestle with how God requires them to live. The goal of these poems were to bring about reflection and repentance.

By the grace of God, these poetic words still invade and impact our lives today. Now, we have the opportunity to read these truths and apply them through in light of the New Testament and the gospel of Jesus Christ. Through studying these ancient and inspired poems, we get a glimpse of the wisdom of God.


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