Current Series

Faith Alone

The Story of Abraham is a story of faith. Faith was required for Abraham to trust God to fulfill His promises. Abraham's life displays the challenges of trusting God and taking Him at His Word. Yet, we will learn at the end of this story that when God keeps His promises, it always exceeds our expectations and further exclaims God's relentless grace.

Why we chose this series

Faith is essential to the Christian life. We are called to "live by faith and not by sight" (2 Corinthians 5:7). At times we fail to take God at His Word, and we doubt His promises. Yet, scripture reminds us that it is faith alone that allows us live the Christian life. Abraham gives us an imperfect yet raw picture of what it means to base one's life on having faith in God. This story reminds us that faith has always been and always will be the means by which we can live in a way that is pleasing to God.

Topics & outline

The Type of Person God Chooses Genesis 12:1‑20 (Nov. 12th)
The God Who Keeps His Promises Genesis 15:1‑18 (Nov. 19th)
Why it's Hard to Trust God Genesis 16:1‑16 (Nov. 26th)
Evidence of Faith Genesis 17:1‑27 (Dec. 3rd)
God Works in Spite of Us Genesis 20‑21 (Dec. 10th)
Faith Requires Sacrifice Genesis 22:1‑24 (Dec. 17th)

God's Design

The Christian faith is rooted in the timeless truths found in Genesis. Even if you aren’t familiar with Christianity, you are probably somewhat familiar with the Creation account in the Bible. In this historical narrative, we find God’s Creation, the Fall of man and the promise of a Redeemer. The Jewish title of the book, Beresit, is taken from the first word in the Hebrew text: “In the beginning.” Moses wrote Genesis along with the first five books of the Old Testament (also referred to as the Pentateuch). His purpose in writing this book is to show God’s perfect design and how Creation should lead us to the Creator.