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Why We Love One-to-One Bible Reading

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Discipleship Happens in Community

 At Integrity Church, we believe that discipleship happens in community. Throughout the year we see community happen through our Small Groups. In the summer, however, Small Groups take a short break, but this doesn't mean that we need to take a break from community. One way that community can still happen is through believers meeting to read through Scripture together. 

How to Read Scripture Together

Sometimes approaching a biblical text with another person is intimidating. What is the right way to study? What book should start with? How do we know we understand the passage correctly?

Thankfully, there are great resources out there like One-to-One Bible Reading that are designed to help people study Scripture together. 

One-to-One Bible Reading is a short, easy to read, walk through of how to take Scripture and read it with another person. You don't have to be a Bible scholar or a believer for a long time to understand it or quickly apply it. 

To get copy of this great resource, purchase one at the low cost of $5 in our lobby. You can also take a FREE online course in how to best apply some of the principles in this book. Every believer should study Scripture, and every believer should be in community. Why not put the two together?