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Restoration Church | Interest Meeting

This coming Sunday, October 18th, at 6 PM we will be having a second interest meeting for Restoration Church.  Since their first interest meeting they have had 3 couples begin the process of joining the Core Team and have had numerous others begin praying and giving in support of the plant.  We hope you will be able to join them this Sunday night at the Holiday Inn at 6 PM.

What is Restoration Church?

Restoration Church will be a church plant to Wilmington, NC from Integrity Church. This will be our first official plant and we are really excited about this opportunity! Chris Wilson is our Church Planting Resident and he will be the church planter for Restoration Church. Over the next several months he is gathering a core from Integrity who would be willing to position their lives around the Gospel and move to the city of Wilmington to help start Restoration Church. Chris plans to move to Wilmington in May of next year to begin the groundwork for this new church.

What’s your role?

  1. Pray
  2. Give
  3. Go

How can you join the core team?

There will be an interest meeting Sunday (10/18) at 6pm. This will take place at The Holiday Inn (our normal meeting place).  Chris Wilson will lead this meeting and cast vision for Restoration Church and Wilmington. He will also walk through the steps of what it means to be apart of the Core Team.

Prayerfully consider coming to this meeting. Even if you are unsure of making this move and just want to learn more about Restoration Church, come and be apart of this interest meeting. See you then!

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The $120k Campaign

The $120k Campaign… Yes We Changed the Name

In January we announced our upcoming relocation plans. On Sunday Oct. 4th we shared details and officially launched The $120k Campaign (Formerly known as The Renovation Campaign). The campaign is our effort as a church to raise $120,000 to enhance the new facility so we can continue to mature and multiply to leave a Gospel legacy.

Campaign Name Change

What led to the name change? On Sunday when Ben and I were sharing from up front we kept accidentally calling The Renovation Campaign the Restoration Campaign. We realized, after the fact, that this may cause confusion with Restoration Church, the plant Integrity is sending to Wilmington. Because of this unintentional tongue twister we have decided to rename the campaign to the $120k Campaign because it’s simple and it reflects our goal: raise $120,000 so our new facility is ready to accommodate our continued growth.

The Need

Integrity’s leadership shared how over the years we’ve seen a steady increase in Sunday morning attendance. Now we, as a church, have come to a point where we must expand in order to continue growing. We shared how God, in His grace, gave us a Sunday morning location that would meet our functional needs both now and with future growth.

We took some time to share the advantages of our move to our new location. Which include:

  • First, buying this facility outright it would cost our church upwards of $3,000,000. So what’s happening is we are getting the advantages of a $3,000,000 facility for a small fraction of the cost.
  • Also, our new location is a permanent Sunday location for us. So there will be much less set-up and teardown.
  • This will give us a centralized location from which to do ministry and train up leaders.
  • The advantages for Integrity Kids are significant as well. Integrity Kids can really own their space and make it a great, welcoming and safe environment.
  • Our growth as a church expresses itself first on Sunday morning. However, our desire from there is that people get involved in gospel community through Small Groups.  Having a space conducive to continued growth means more opportunities for our body to expand its ministry through Small Groups.
  • We’re getting more office space with this move. It will give us the space we need for a growing staff and leadership.
  • We feel this is a wise move financially. We will have a fixed monthly rate for the next five years and the chance to make this move debt free.

How to Give

We estimate the renovations will cost $120,000. We need everyone who calls Integrity Church home to consider giving generously to the campaign. Our goal is to have the facility ready by January. We will be accepting donations from Oct. 4th - Dec. 13th. Will you help each other as a church by giving generously?

We encourage you to put a lot of thought and prayer into your gift. Discuss this with your spouse or a friend. Please let us know if you have any questions. When you’re ready to give you can give online by clicking HERE or write a check and either mail it to us or bring it with you on Sunday.

Give To The $120k Campaign


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