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The Big Move

Integrity Church! We are pleased to announce that this Sunday, January 24th, will be our last Sunday at The Holiday Inn! We are thrilled because on Sunday, January 31st we will have our very first worship gathering at our new facility (2725 East 14th St). Thank you all so much for being generous so that we could make this exciting move. We look forward to the days ahead!

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All In - Week 1

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This past week we started off the year with our “All In” series which is a topical series on what we hope for in 2016. Several factors led to this series. For one, we are planning moving into a permanent facility later this month and the new space equals new opportunities. Secondly, we are planting our first church in the late spring. Lastly, we have a great need to develop more leaders and staff. For these very exciting reasons, each of us need to be “All In” with the mission of Integrity to mature and multiply believers to leave a Gospel legacy.

As we started off this series we (the elders) were able to highlight a few things to keep on the forefronts of our hearts and minds:

  1. That we would be a people who display hospitality to those around us and to those who are new to Integrity. Hospitality isn’t restricted to a volunteer team, rather it is something that all believers should do as a way to worship and glorify Christ.

  2. That we would faithfully equip our people for Gospel ministry. This begins with being in Gospel community that would, in turn, lead to one-to-one discipleship. This is where godly maturity takes place. From there, we are called to raise up leaders who would be sent out on mission in Greenville and uttermost parts of the world.

  3. That we would be generous people. We live in light of the Gospel which means that we are not our own, we were bought with a price. Therefore, everything that we have been given has been given to us so that that name of Jesus would be made famous. Furthermore, the Gospel is able to go out through believers being generous with their time, money, and resources.

These are the things that we hope to see grow at Integrity in 2016. So, for the next 3 weeks we will be talking about being all in with one-to-one discipleship and generosity. Make sure you come to these important Sunday mornings as this series will set the tone for the rest of the year. Let us come together to be “All In” for the Gospel!

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