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7 Things To Know About Our Move

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We now have more space. Over the last year we have been maxed out of our capacity to grow because of limited space. Now, we have the opportunity for more people to come on Sunday mornings. There are now more seats available for our worship gatherings as well as more space for Integrity Kids. Encourage and invite everyone you know to come!

We are no longer mobile. Since we started we have been considered a “portable church.” We are now in a permanent space. The days of strenuous setup and teardown are now over!

We actually have a lobby. For the last 4 years we have been using a narrow hallway to communicate everything that we as a church are about. We now have a lobby where you can learn more about small groups, volunteering and stay connected to what is happening in the life of the church.

We finally have a main entrance. Because of our previous locations we have had to use an entrance that was never designed as a main entrance. Now, because we have a main entrance in the front of the building, first time guest won’t be confused as to where to go. Also, we will have handicap access and parking at the back of the building (please follow the signs).

We have a home base. Because we have been mobile for so long, it has been difficult for us to host lunches for newcomers, membership classes, prayer nights, leadership training sessions, etc. Now, because of the stability of a permanent space,  it will be so much easier to plan and communicate life at Integrity Church.

It is going to look incredible. Our team has worked incredibly hard to make this space look and feel like a home for Integrity Church. From the lobby, to the kids rooms, to the sanctuary, we are very pleased with the end result!

It is going to be a tool for the Gospel. Most importantly, the building is not the end all be all. Nothing on this earth is eternal. Every blessing that God has given us is to be used to steward so that we might bring glory to Him. For us, the building is a simple tool to help us mature and multiply believers to leave a Gospel legacy!

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Acts | The Mission of God

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Have you ever marveled at the fact that over 2,000 years ago Jesus Christ lived on this earth, and following his death and resurrection we have had billions of people live their lives in light of all that Christ has accomplished for them? For centuries the church has gathered to claim that there is salvation in One Name: Jesus Christ. But how did this happen? How did it begin? What took place after Jesus’ death and resurrection so that the church would come to fruition? The book of Acts answers these questions. Acts is the incredible story of God and His mission.

We are in a unique season in the life of our church. We are moving into a new and permanent facility. We anticipate new ministry opportunities and new avenues to reach more people for the Gospel. On top of that, we are planting our first church. Therefore, it is vitally important that we grasp the mission of God. We need to be people who have a biblical understanding of the church. We need to know what Gospel centered community looks like. We need to be a church that grows in our efforts to evangelize, raise up leaders, and sends people out to fulfill the mission of God (Mature & Multiply).

There’s no greater book than Acts to give us a vivid picture of what God’s people can be when they are faithful to Him. Join us as we come together to study this intriguing story of Acts, The Mission of God.

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