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5 Answers about The $100 Campaign

As a church family, we have a tremendous opportunity to be generous to our brothers and sisters in Christ. The $100 Campaign is an effort to financially help The Bridge Church in Wilmington, NC and R.A.M. in Romania. All ministries need money to operate effectively and through this campaign we hope to meet several needs of these two ministries. 

This Sunday, June 29th, is our give day. Below you will find some answers to questions you may have about this campaign.

What are you asking me to do?

Our hope is that you would give at least $100 to support the Bridge Church & R.A.M Ministries. Over time, our relationship with these two ministries will grow and provide frequent ministry opportunities for our people. 

What if I can’t give $100 right now?

God cares more about the attitude of our heart than the amount we give. This campaign is about us coming together to give generously and trust God. If you can’t give $100, that’s fine, we just encourage you to consider giving what you can afford to help our fellow brothers and sisters in Christ.  

What if I’m in College?

God has given Integrity the opportunity to invest in the lives of many college students here in Greenville. College students have tight budgets but these are also some of the best years to develop a generous lifestyle and give sacrificially to advance the gospel. 

What if I’ve never given to Integrity Church before? 

If you’ve never given financially to Integrity before, then this campaign is for you! If you’ve never given before, this is your chance to join us with a joyful and sacrificial gift.

How much of this will go towards The Bridge & R.A.M?

100% of all the donations will be given to these two ministries. We are raising this money to give it all away. Half of it will go to The Bridge and the other half will go to R.A.M.

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Does Community Matter?

At Integrity Church, the context for community is Life Groups. The Sunday worship service is wonderful for gathering as a church to hear the word of God and worship corporately. It’s absolutely necessary, but we recognize that Sunday alone is not the best time for deep relationships to develop. There’s a lot going on and not enough time for people to get to know each other on a deeper level. More time is needed to encourage each other with the scriptural truths learned. 

This is why as a church we feel the best way we can help you grow in deeper relationships is to scatter during the week into our Life Groups. They are the best next step for developing authentic community. Life Groups are smaller communities that meet in homes during the week to do life together. Things are a bit less hectic and they meet in comfortable homes so there is a better chance for good conversation to happen. They’ll often discuss the sermons and will even meet to just eat dinner and relax. Friends within Life Groups will often meet outside of Life Group in smaller groups and one on ones.

But why should you care? What does this matter for your life? Why should you join a Life Group?

You Are Created for Community

As a person, God created you in His image and likeness (Gen. 1:26). Existing as Father, Son and Spirit, God Himself is a perfect community. As an image bearer, you are created to image community that’s unified around the greatest: Christ Himself. The best community is Christ centered and we are living out that purpose when our community is centered around Him. Because of Christ we ought to meet with one another, encouraging each other and stirring one another to love and do good works (Heb. 10:24-25).

Maybe you’ve struggled to get into community...perhaps you have scheduling conflicts or have unrealistic expectations. Maybe you're just frustrated with what’s required to get into a group. It’s going to take some effort on your part. It’s going to take some time and you're going to have to cut out some room in your schedule. You may even need to drop some other less important commitments. But, I want to personally tell you that your efforts are worth it.

Because for the most part, people in Life Groups have the greatest possible thing in common: salvation in Christ. Your hobbies and life stages are always changing, but your salvation in Christ never will. It is our salvation in Christ that draws us together. And if you're a believer, you will share this in common with other believers in your potential group.

Isolation Will Not Work for You

One thing about life is certain, trials are going to happen (James 1:2). Some of them are going to be big and some small. When we face trials, we need each other to encourage and share the truths of Scripture with us. We are prone to bend back into worldly ways of thinking. You need brothers and sisters to remind you of your identity in Christ. Isolation will not work for you, you’ll need fellow believers during the difficult times.

You Have to Work For Community

Of course, just attending a Life Group does not automatically guarantee authentic community. It doesn't just happen. You have to invest in relationships yourself. You have to take ownership of this aspect of your life.

One of the common push-backs against joining a group is that “there is nobody here like me.” That’s actually a beautiful truth. The diversity is a good thing. God created the diversity. You’ll have to set aside your preferences in the pursuit of community with believers who are different than you. Gospel centered community is not a buffet line that you can just pick through, it’s a reality created by God which He calls us to enter into. Is this not a beautiful apologetic for the Gospel? A diverse group of people from all walks of life unified in Christ.

God will provide for you as you seek community because it is what he intends for His people. Pray and ask him for wisdom to help you (James 1:5).

Okay, So How do I Join a Life Group?

One idea is to Just go. Just show up. (find a group: here)Send an email to the leader. Email us at if you would like help. Come on Sunday and fill out a connection card indicating that you’re interested. Ask around on Sunday morning which Life Group people are in as you talk with folks.

There are many ways to arrive at one. There are good men and women in each group that are willing to share their lives with you and to show you that you're not alone. They will tell you of the power of the Gospel in their own lives.

Community is a gift from God. Get into a group, start investing in people’s lives and see this gift happen in the lives of believers.

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