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Why Plant Churches?

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Why Plant Churches?

When Paul speaks to his friend Titus about why he wanted him in pastor the church at Crete. He says to Titus:“{I}... left you in Crete so that you might put what remained into order, and appoint elders in every town as I directed you…” (Titus 1:5). Interestingly enough, Paul then goes on to explain what a qualified elder/pastor looks like.

Paul’s desire was to see qualified men trained and sent out to start new Gospel works. This is one of the means by which the New Testament church grew. God has ordained the church to spread the Gospel and make disciples of all nations (Matthew 28:16-20). Therefore, to be a church that is serious about the Great Commission, we must be serious about church planting.

For this reason we have created a way where future planters/pastors can be equipped and sent out. It is our church planting residency. Our residency is a time where a man who has a desire to plant can come under our leadership structure and have the chance to dream about the vision of their church, test out their philosophy of ministry, experience success, challenges, and failures in a safe and encouraging environment. The residency will also allow the future church planter to get an inside look at how a new church is structured and lead.

Meet Chris Wilson

 Chris Wilson is planting Restoration Church in Wilmington NC.  Prior to coming into the Church Planting Residency Chris worked for One Source, a communications management company, in Greenville and served as a Life Group Leader at Integrity.  In 2007 Chris graduated from Appalachian State with a degree in Business Management.  Chris is married to Kristen Wilson who recently completed her Physicians Assistant degree at ECU.  

Why did you choose Integrity Church as the place where you would do a CP Residency?

I chose Integrity as the place for my CP Residency because of the church’s desire to send out other church plants.  Also, I will get a chance to learn from the leaders and staff on exactly what it takes to see a church grow healthy in the Gospel.

What do you hope to learn from this process?

The overall goal for the CP Residency is to learn how to lead a church well in growing through obedience to the Gospel.  Practically this looks like learning how to build my life around being an obedient shepherd to a local congregation without selling my marriage, family, or friends down the river in the name of ministry.  I have always admired Ben’s ability to have set, cutoff, times where ministry in a vocational sense ends and he can focus on being a good husband and father.  And to echo what was mentioned earlier, I want to learn how to grow a church faithfully without giving in to the pressures of gimmicks and watered down truth for the sake of numbers.

Where are you wanting to plant?

We will be planting Restoration Church in Wilmington NC.  The city of Wilmington is set to grow at an impressive clip over the next 5-10 years and we want to be a church that is there to meet that growth with the life giving message of the Gospel.  As we were narrowing our choice of cities down, through prayer and wise counsel, it became apparent that Wilmington, like any city was in need of the Gospel, and we had a mutual love for the city and a desire to see that city transformed.

What kind of people are you hoping will go with you?

I have a desire to see a diverse set of people go with us to Wilmington.  We are wanting college students who would consider transferring their credits to UNC-W to leverage their lives for the Gospel.  It is our hope that young professionals, young families (with and without kids), established families, and retirees who would all consider how they could reorient their lives around seeing the Gospel change the city of Wilmington.

How can we pray for you?

Pray for us that the Lord would be gracious in the following:

1) A committed and dependable base of supporters that would give and pray in support of the church.

2) That we would have many at Integrity consider and apply to go with us to Wilmington.

3) Pray for the city of Wilmington that God would begin even now to prepare the hearts of those we will be ministering to.

4) Pray that we will be faithful to the Gospel and Jesus above all.  That our measure of success would obedience and not attendance.

Deacon of Member Care: Lex Turner

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The Deacon of Member Care

The Deacon of Member Care will help serve members in the church who are in need.  Paul says in Galatians 6:10 “So then, as we have opportunity, let us do good to everyone, and especially to those who are of the household of faith.”

Obviously the responsibility to help meet the physical needs of those who are hurting in the body falls on all believers. But having a deacon in the role of Member Care helps facilitate how members are served and cared for. This role includes, but is not limited to: praying for and helping the sick, helping with benevolence, scheduling meals, and helping the elders know the practical needs within the body.

Meet Lex Turner

Lex Turner is one of our new deacons for Member Care. Lex and his family have been attending Integrity since 2011. He and his wife Robyn have two teenagers: Alex and Caroline. Lex has been a Life Group leader for some time and is known for his humility and genuine love for others.

What is your favorite thing about Integrity Church?

The biblically centered teaching that flows into the life and community of the church.

How has God used Integrity Church to impact your family?

One way has been the focus on leadership in the family and the Sovereignty of God in all things.

What excites you most about serving as Deacon of Member Care?

Being able to reach out and share grace to others, which is a constant reminder of how God has extended His grace to me”

How can the church pray for you and your family?

Pray that our family would be able to prioritize our time well and that we would not be overwhelmed by the stresses of life. Pray that I lead my family in a way that glorifies and honors Christ.


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