home gatherings

what is a home gathering?

Our first step back towards meeting in person again is encouraging Home Gatherings. A Home Gathering consists of a few people from Integrity meeting at one house to watch the service and reflect together. This allows for limited community based on the capacity of you and your family.

How to start a Home Gathering

Starting a Home Gathering is as simple as inviting a few people over to your house to watch the service together. You do not need to create a sign-up form, and anybody can start one! We encourage you to respect the guidelines set in place for gatherings in a house. At the time of this document, the max is 10 people, though that could change as Phase Three approaches. You do not have to gather on Sunday morning if the afternoon or evening works better for your group. You are not required to join a group! If you feel uncomfortable leaving the house, or it would be too difficult to manage with kids, you can still join us from your own home during the online service.

How to facilitate a Home Gathering

Facilitating a Home Gathering includes setting up a space to watch the service, setting up the service video on your TV, watching the service, taking communion (optional. details below), and reflecting on the sermon together. Make sure you have enough seats for the people you’ve invited, and check with your neighbors about parking if necessary. Make sure your Wifi is capable of streaming the service on your device. If your group is comfortable taking communion together, you can set out some bread and juice on the coffee table. Each week, we will put up a few reflection questions at the end of the sermon. This is a good opportunity for your group to discuss what you learned from the sermon and how you can apply these truths in your life.

How long will home gatherings last?

We will be sending regular updates over the next few weeks as we prepare for gathering in person again. There will need to be guidelines and precautionary procedures that go into making the live service happen, and we will work hard to keep you updated.

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