Small Groups

Small groups are not only the primary entry point into community at Integrity, they also represent the church on a personal level. Joining a Small Group is the best way to truly be a part of Integrity. Our Small Groups meet all across the city during of the week. At Integrity Church, we desire to see Christians grow more like Jesus. One way God accomplishes this is through authentic Christian community: living life together and challenging one another to grow as disciples of Christ. We desire to be a church where meaningful relationships are formed and grow.

How do I join a Small Group? Joining a Small Group is as simple as just showing up! There is no registration necessary. It's never too late to join one either. If you missed the first couple weeks, just jump in when you can! If you need help choosing a Small Group, just send us an email at

Tuesday Nights: 6:30pm
Biddlecome Group - 3325 Grove Point Dr. Winterville
Sanderlin Group - 205 Greenwood Dr. Greenville 
Maw Group - 123 Harell St. Greenville

Wednesday Nights: 6:30pm
Parish Group - 4123 River Chase Dr. Greenville 
Myers Group - 206 Erith Ct. Greenville 
Steward Group -1412 Evergreen Dr. Greenville 
Stump Group - 4104 Hardwick Ct. Greenville 
Brafford Group - 2595 Eastman Rd. Greenville 

Thursday Nights: 6:30pm
Kornegay/Marcoux Group - 303 Granville Dr. Greenville
Bicknell Group - 2906 Cresset Dr. Winterville 

Indicates Childcare

If you have any questions, just email !