Our Vision For Sunday Mornings

 We visualize a Sunday morning where people hear the word of God and want to talk about it during the week in Small Groups and one on ones and apply it to their lives. 

We visualize a Sunday morning where people love to come and serve. 

We visualize a place full of effective ministry opportunity. 

Why serve on Sunday Mornings? 

God alone is worthy of all our affection and worship. For the believer, all of life is worship. Truly, every thought, word and deed ought to show love for the one true God. The believer's life of worship is nurtured in the context of the weekly corporate gathering of believers. As a church we gather to worship, fellowship and hear God's Word proclaimed. 

The Church gathered is a gift from God. It's very important in the life of the believer. So we have the opportunity on Sunday mornings to not only hear the word of God but also help others hear the word of God. Serving on Sunday's is about helping both believers and non-believers hear the life changing word of God. 


High Level of Commitment:
We need disciples who will commit to serving in their specific role every Sunday whether that be Integrity Kids, Hospitality, Set-Up or Tear-Down, Band, Productions, etc... On Sunday's that you are unable to serve you are expected to find a substitute to cover for you. But you own your role! 

Singular Focus: 
We need volunteers to focus and zone in on one area of Sunday morning service that they love and enjoy doing. Why? So that you can get better at it and strive for excellence and improvement. 

Attend 1. Serve 1.
Every Sunday we want you to consider attending one service where you are served and where you can fully focus on worshipping God through listening to the sermon, singing music and intentionally building discipleship relationships. Every Sunday we also want you to serve one service. At this service you are fully committed to your role and fully engaged at serving our people who attend. How do you get started? If your interested in getting started volunteering then please click the button below to contact us.

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