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On Sunday mornings we have 4 separate classrooms for infants, toddlers, preschoolers and elementary students through the 2nd grade.


Nursery 6 weeks - 17 months (Orange Room)

Our goal for this age is to provide a loving, safe and fun environment for infants. The same core volunteers serve in this classroom each we

ek to provide consistency for parents and infants. You will find developmentally appropriate toys and books to keep your infant happy while you are worshiping. There is a communication board for parents to leave instructions for volunteers. We think it is important for infants to receive a lot of individual attention and care. The teacher to infant ratio in this class is 2:1.

Toddlers 18 months - 35 months (Blue Room)

Our goal for this age is to expose toddlers to the biblical truth of scriptures through story telling, singing, scripture memory, crafts, & interactive activities. Toddlers also have playtime and snack time on Sunday mornings.  This classroom is working through The Gospel Project curriculum. The child to teacher ratio is 4:1.

Preschool 3 - 4 years  (Green Room)

In the preschool class, children continue to be exposed to the teaching of scriptures and are assisted with making gospel connections. Teachers in this classroom make Bible stories come alive through story telling, scripture memory, interactive activities and crafts. Preschoolers are provided with an activity sheet each week that helps to reiterate the lesson and can be used as a tool to review lessons at home. Preschoolers will also have snacktime and playtime each Sunday. The child to teacher ratio is 5:1.

Elementary Kindergarten - 2nd Grade (Yellow Room)

Students continue to work through The Gospel Project curriculum in the Elementary classroom. Each Sunday students will be engaged with a Bible story, music, scripture memory, crafts and interactive activities. Each student  will be given an activity page to help emphasize the truths they have learned and to aid parents with at home discussion. The student to teacher ratio in this classroom is 6:1.



The Toddler, Preschool and Elementary classrooms are using The Gospel Project curriculum. This curriculum works chronologically through the Bible from Genesis to Revelation over the course of three years. We believe it is important to partner with parents in exposing children to all the stories of the Bible in an organized manner. Each child is provided with an activity page and take-home resource to enable parents in guiding and reviewing lessons taught each Sunday.

The Gospel Project is formatted by age group allowing each classroom to learn at their appropriate developmental pace. Students have the opportunity to hear the Gospel message taught, not as a collection of disjointed stories, but as the unified story of God’s redemptive plan for His children.


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